Floor Plan

Chalet floor plan

There is parking space by the entrance, and a stone bench next to the front door. Outside the patio doors is a small enclosed paved area with a picket fence about one metre high. The little gate leads to the grass path, then it’s pebbles, sand & sea!

The Chalet is one of about 20 chalets, all privately owned, in a grassy park area at the western end of Blue Anchor Beach, just near the Steam Railway station.

The beach usually has quite large pebbles at the top, then a wide strip of  sand further down.  Storm waves move things around, then the sea puts them back in the following days and weeks! If the tide is out, it is best to wait for the water to come in a bit, as there can be a lot of mud about ¼ mile out, again depending on tides and weather. As soon as the sea is half way  up the sandy  beach, the water is good for paddling and swimming. There is a sand/gravel path along the top of the beach, next to the steam railway, and the level promenade path goes along the seafront for about a mile from just outside the chalet park.

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